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Instagram Ban As A Service
3 mins

It’s shockingly easy for someone to get your Instagram account banned

Scammers are using Instagram loopholes to get accounts banned—and they’re offering to do this for a fee.
3 mins

What can someone do with my IP address?

Your IP address can reveal your location and make you vulnerable to cyberattacks—all good reasons to protect your IP.
3 mins

What is bloatware, and how can you remove it?

If you’ve recently purchased a phone or computer, chances are it came with unwanted apps.
Block Email Tracking
3 mins

What is email tracking, and why you should turn it off

Companies know when you open an email from them. Stop it by blocking pixels hidden in your emails.
2 mins

3 easy privacy settings on iPhone you didn’t know about

Think you know about all the settings to keep your iPhone secure? See if you’ve done these.
2 mins

Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi: Which is better?

Ethernet is better than Wi-Fi. Find out why it’s worth using the internet with a cord plugged in to your computer.
3 mins

Love photo-editing apps? Don’t give away your face too easily

Photo filters are fun, but using them is also giving away your biometrics and more.
And eggplant with a lock covering it.
5 mins

How to hide your sensitive pictures

We’re not judging your naked selfies or NSFW pictures. But here’s how to hide them on your iPhone or Android, or in secure cloud storage.
Pride flag with a padlock.
4 mins

Online privacy and safety for the LGBTQ+ community

This Pride Month, we take a look at issues surrounding online privacy among the LGBTQ+ community.
3 mins

When catfish meets crypto scam on dating apps

Do your attractive matches on dating apps mainly want to talk about a great crypto opportunity? Beware of the latest catfish.

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